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The core thinking to our leadership system is to have at least 3 deep leadership for all functional levels of the Troop's operations. This will provide consistent, easy to use and flexible leadership. This system is role based, meaning, the Scout and Adult Leaders are equally trained and interchangeable.

At the Patrol Level we have PL, APL and PQM equally trained and ready to lead for troop meetings, campouts and other scout functions

At the SPL level we have the Senior Patrol backing up the SPL For both the PL and SPL we have the JASM (Junior Assistant Scoutmasters). Their responsibility is to support both the Scout and Adult leadership.

At the Adult Leader we have all the SMs and ASMs working together supporting the Scout Leadership

Why is this needed? We have found that with the competition for our scout’s time from other activities such as sports, educational programs and family time, we average one or sometimes two leaders out of the three will be present during the outings. By having three deep, the scouts can maintain leadership of the troop and adults do not have to step in.

PQM qualifies for Leadership Requirements!!! By having the PL, APL and PQM equally trained in leadership, we received approval from district that our PQM position counts as a leadership position for ranks Tenderfoot through Star. This allows greater leadership requirement completions for scouts and flexibility for the troop’s program to have enough leadership positions open to scouts for their advancement.

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