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Adult leaders are the safety net for the scout leadership to take on and make mistakes while learning leadership, communications, ethical decision making and team work skills.

Maintaining a BLT philosophy as an adult leader is hard. As adults, we are used to being in charge and have vast leadership experience. It is hard to step back into the background, letting the scouts take charge, especially when it would be so easy for you as the adult to take charge.

As SM, I would ask adult leaders to think of their position in terms of “servants’ leadership.” Here is a good article on servant's leadership.

As an adult leader, we are here to serve our scouts and grow them into better leaders. The best way to do that is to allow them to try things out, experience success and failure and encourage the scouts to constantly challenge themselves or try new approaches and techniques.

Scout's making mistake is a learning opportunity. If the scout's are not making mistakes, they have an opportunity to try out new things and stretch their skills. If mistakes are repeated, then we need to understand why. Allowing the scouts to learn by making mistakes is a fundamental trait of a good adult leader.

There is no better confidence builder than scouts who succeed on the second time. The adult leader mentoring and encouraging the scout to try again using lessons learned is key to the scout’s growth.

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