Align Scout Maturity Advancement And Leadership

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Once you go through the effort to implement BLT, you want to ensure that you can sustain BLT. The single most critical factor for sustaining BLT is to align your scout’s maturity to leadership skills to advancement. For BLT to succeed, you need your senior scout leadership in the leadership positions running the troop.

Below is a diagram that we use to model the growth of our scouts. Here is a link to a PDF file for you to download Scout Time Line.

We use this diagram to set expectations of our new scouts and parents, gaining their buy-in and understanding that we are looking at scouts having a six year experience in learning and developing their leadership, communications, ethical decision making and team work skills by practicing core scouting skills.

Our experience was that it took three years or three cycles of the Leadership Selection Process before we had the scouts progressing through the leadership positions aligned to their maturity and advancement.

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