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One of the hardest challenges for scouts in a BLT model is to combine patrols and finalize the Duty Roster two troop meetings before an outing. This provides enough time for the patrol to organize and prepare its gear. Also provides the Grubmaster time to purchase and prepare the food.

Our rule of thumb is that a patrol needs four scouts from the patrol to go on an outing as a patrol. If a patrol has three or less scouts, the patrol is combined with another patrol.

Why is this so important?

To allow the Scout’s the opportunity to plan the outing as a team. Our lesson learned is to have the combined patrols finalize their DutyRoster as a patrol in patrol corner at the troop meeting. If we do not combine patrols before patrol corners or do not allow the patrols to plan as a combined patrol, the scouts are not prepared for the outing. The end result becomes frustration, not enough food, missing equipment, not being preparred..etc.

So how does it work?

Two Troop Meetings prior to the outing:

1) At the start of the Troop Meetings while the troop is lined up in formation, ask the PL’s how many are going from each patrol. Right there on the spot, combine the patrols that have 3 or less scouts going.

2) Send the combined patrols into patrol corners as a combined patrol

3) The scouts not going on the outing, form them into a patrol and have one of the senior scouts go over advancement or skills training.

4) At the end of patrol comers, the combined patrols need to have finalized their Duty Roster, selected a Grubmaster and have all the scouts knowledgeable on how they are going to operate as a patrol for the outing event.

Troop Meeting prior to the outing:

1) Have the combined patrols meet in patrol corners and make final preparations. Review Duty Roster and outing plan. Discuss how you are going to execute for arrival and the outing and setup.

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