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"Easy To Use" should be how the scouts and their families reference the troop.

Families are extremely busy today. Scouts are facing competing interests such as sports, academic programs, music and others. These other programs are primarily seasonal; scouting is the only year long activity. Some troops take the attitude that scouting comes first. We have found that this alienates scouts and they leave the scouting program. We practice a balanced approach and support our scouts in their interests. Our experience has been that scouts appreciate and contribute at a higher level to the scouting program when they are focused and coming to the scouting events. We have found that our numbers have steadily increased. We have found that more parents are volunteering and wanting to help. We have found that our 18 year old scouts are signing up at an increased rate as adult leaders to continue mentoring and contributing to the troop. The end result is a much stronger program.

One of the key factors that make BLT work is the 3 Deep Patrol Leadership at all levels of the troop. We have found by having three trained scout leaders for each position, the scout leaders coordinate amongst themselves for who can cover the leadership while they handle there responsibilities outside the troop. This provides the opportunity for the scouts to learn how to be responsible, multi-task, delegate and facilitate multiple competing priorities for their time.

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