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For our Troop outings, each patrol plans, purchases, cooks and clean-ups their own meals. This adds to the scout’s leadership responsibility and increases the BLT culture.

The grubmaster is the Scout selected by the patrol to purchase the food for an outing. When the Patrol creates the "Patrol Duty Roster", the grubmaster is given a copy of the Patrol Duty Roster. On the Patrol Duty Roster is the number of Scouts attending, the planned meals and a breakdown of groceries/items needed to be purchased for the meal. Following the 4 troop meeting planning process, the grubmaster should be assigned at least two troop meetings or a week in advance of the campout. This will give grubmasters and their parents plenty of time to purchase food in advance. For cold food, each patrol has a cooler. Parents, please contact your Adult Advisor or a Scoutmaster if you have any questions or need equipment.

Lesson Learned - We have found that for the first campout of the year, have the Patrol Leader be the grubmaster for his patrol. This allows the Patrol Leader to take on the responsibility to lead by example and set the standard, training his patrol on what are his expectations for being the grub master.

What is the budget? - The rule is $3 per person per meal.

Example, a patrol of 8 Scouts have planned meals on Sat B-fast, Sat Lunch, Sat Dinner and Sun B-fast (4 meals). 8 scouts x 4 meals x $3 = $96 food budget.

What happens if the planned meals are over budget? - The grubmaster and his parents work together on adjusting the types of food, ensuring there is enough nutricious food for the Patrol. If the Patrol Leader can be called, it is recomeneded that the grubmaster call his Patrol Leader and discuss. At the next Troop Meeting or at the start of the outing, which ever is first, the grubmaster needs to discuss any changes to the menu and why those changes had to be made. The grubmaster position should be rotated through the whole patrol so that every scout experiences the planning, buying and transporting of food.

How do I get reimbursed? - The grubmaster is to turn the receipt from the food purchase to the "Troop Treasurer".

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