Half Year Planning Meetings

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These meetings are the foundation for the scout and adult leadership to gain consensus, form as a team and understand what needs to be accomplished for the next six months. For the SM, this is critical for creating an outline on a weekly basis of what needs to be accomplished. As SM, I have found this to be the most important tool for me to maintain the big picture and being proactive in providing the scout and adult leaders time to plan ahead.

The SM facilitates this meeting. The PLC (Scout Leadership), Adult Leaders, Committee and anyone else from the troop are invited to review the calendar created by the PLC, finalize the event’s dates and plan by troop meeting what has to be accomplished to successfully support the events. We use the four troop meeting planning process, Outing Planning, as a guideline.

We have found that by requiring scout and adult leadership to be present, everyone’s expectations are set the same and our team work is significantly improved with much less confusion.

We have found that the input from parents who are involved in other community activities play an invaluable role by providing dates of school dances, band concerts, educational events..etc. which reduces the troop from scheduling an event or understanding ahead of time that on a certain troop meeting, our scout leadership will be missing most of the 7th or 8th graders due to a school trip. For our scout leadership, they can plan ahead and make sure that we have scout leaders ready to fill in for those dates, maintaining BLT.

The hidden and real value add of the parent's input is that it supports the troop's effort to be Easy To Use. This reduces or mitigates conflicts on the family calendar which increases participation and support.

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