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We have found the scouts that want to be in JASMs are in their final year or two of scouting, have achieved or finishing up their eagle rank, have been SPL or part of the senior patrol, are senior’s in high school, shifting their focus to college and want or need to take on a passive role in leading the operations of the troop.

The JASMs have stated that they really enjoy the hands on mentoring and training of the new scouts and new scout leaders.

As SM, the objective is to create a strong leadership support team for the SPL and senior patrol. These scouts have been with the troop for five years or mare and can fill in for any role where needed. We have found that they are willing and want to support but need some advance warning to shift their work schedule or plan around the Troop’s needs.

When mentoring the SPL, the SM can teach the SPL the importance of planning ahead and having the SPL ask the JASMs a week in advance of his needs. We have found this to be an effective way to maintain BLT, by having JAMSs fill in before an adult would need to step in as a safety net.

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