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SLT or BLT = “Scout Let Troop" or "Boy Led Troop"

This site is dedicated to support those who are in the pursuit of learning, growing and evolving leadership, communication, ethical decision making and team work skills by allowing the Scouts/Boys to lead the Troop and its operations. From a forward thinking perspective, to evolve Scouting’s program for developing leadership, communication, team building and ethical decision making skills for the 21st century. We hope that you find this site useful for helping you start up or transform your Troop’s leadership culture to be fully Scout/Boy Led. You can contact us at

The BLT wiki has a dual purpose:

  • Provide a blueprint for how to start up or transform your Troop, implementing a BLT Leadership System.
  • Provide an operations manual for how the youth leadership leads and operates the Troop with Adults providing guidance and a safety

For our discussions, we have created a group on LinkedIn titled BLT (Boy Led Troop). If you are not familiar with LinkedIn, LinkedIn is a networking site for professionals. Please join the BLT (Boy Led Troop) group for enhanced collaboration and communication.

"SCOUT Led" instead of "BOY Led"... Around 2005, 2006 there were several articles, discussions and initiatives on "BLT" (Boy Led Troop). As time has progressed, the terminology has evolved and today, the term "Scout" is preferable over the word "Boy". When this wiki and content were created to help empower scouts, the choice was made to use the term "BLT" to keep the momentum, synergy and collective focus (time frame 2005-2008). Speed up the clock to today and you will find "SLT" is now the preferred terminology. Hence, the domain name addition of "" in 2014. "Thank You" to Jim for the discussion on our LinkedIn group "BLT (Boy Led Troop)".

NOTE - If you find that some of our links are not working, you can't get to the content, please contact us at We changed domain names and may have missed updating some of our links. "Thank You" to Robert & Sarah for the heads up!

BLT Background & Context - What is leaderhip? What is BLT? Why is it so important for Troop's to evovle to be operating by BLT?:

These pages provide the background, thinking and behind the scenes of BLT. Please read these pages to gain context to what is leadership and BLT (Boy Led Troop) perspective.

Planning for BLT - What does it take to support and sustain BLT?

Below are pages providing a high level overview or conceptual thinking that you and your leaders should go through if you are planning on implementing a BLT culture. These topics and thinking are real life lessons learned and best practices that provide the foundation for making BLT real in your troop.

Starting Up BLT - Making BLT Your Reality

Below are pages providing you the two year, three phase game plan for how to "start up" BLT. We start strategic at the conceptual or 10,000 foot level providing you the leader what information and how to or steps to take to approach the sponsoring organization, district and council to introduce BLT, your intentions and gaining their buy-in. Once you have support and the governing organizations are aware of and aligned to your BLT initiative, it is time to engage at the tactical or hands on level. We provide you the leader the information and step by step process for how to create the BLT vision, gain support and implement BLT at the scout, adult leader and parent level. Basically the "nuts & bolts" of what needs to be done on the ground. These topics and thinking are real life lessons learned and best practices that are used today by several troops around our nation for making BLT real in their troop.

Realize the startup of BLT is a two year plan. You may ask why? Because we are dealing with culture. Implementing culture following these steps takes 2 years. So why in this wiki do we say 3 years to implement BLT? After the two year start up effort, the third year is when the troop evaluates their progress, benefits, what is working, what is not working and where modifications need to be made. The 3rd year is the "balancing" year where the troop finds the balance for how much leadership do the Boys/Scouts want to take on and the Troop's ability to support them. "Implementing BLT" is a combination of the 2 year start up plus the balancing year.

This implementation section is a collaborative effort and we wanted to ensure the following people and oganizations were given credit: Mr. Hank Perry of Charles Town, West Virginia for his collaboration and contributions. Mr. Perry wanted to ensure Troop 737 of Evergreen, CO receives credit for their BLT heritage and inspiration which are a great role model to follow. Thank you to Troop 414 of Bedford, NH and Troop 703 of Midland, MI for their inspiration and operating by BLT which provided the experiences, lessons learned and best practices found in this this wiki. Thank you to Mr Sandy Berman of Troop 5, Bedford, NH for his collaboration. Thank you to Massabisc District and Daniel Webster Council of NH for their collaboration and support.

BLT Operations - The Pieces & Parts which make BLT work

Below is a list of definitions, methods and processes which create and support the Scout’s ability to lead a Troop for BLT. Have your scouts, adult leaders and parents review these pages so that everyone involved in supporting the troop's operations understand their roles and responsibility, what is expected of them for BLT to work. Another way of thinking about this list of pieces and parts is that this is what needs to happen or how people have to work with one another to sustain BLT year after year.


Organizational Structures & Cultural Dynamics:

Roles and Responsibilities:



Process & Policy:

TYIIR Institute, LLC's founder is an Eagle Scout. In the spirit of the Eagle Scout giving back to scouting, TYIIR Institute, LLC is giving back to BSA (Boy Scouts of America) by helping lead a "Boy Led Troop" initiative. The BLT initiative provides the opportunity for scouts to learn and grow their leadership, communication, ethical decision making and teamwork skills by allowing the Scouts/Boys to lead the Troop.

TYIIR Institute, LLC’s vision is to be the best for the world in mentoring and serving people in how to transform their ideas and vision into reality by leveraging the TYIIR System©, evolving their leadership principles, skills and culture to be the best Transformation Leader and Transformation Officer they can be.

To learn more about TYIIR Institute, LLC and its services, please visit us @

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