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When a troop has over 40 scouts, the Top Down Org Structure makes it increasingly hard to provide accountability and managability. Therefore, we have learned that a matrix organizational model works best to scale a troop, regardless of size.

In the matrix, a scout and adult leader is responsible for only eight people. By having all the leaders focus on only eight people, the troop maintains accountability and manageability. In the diagram "AA" stands for "Adult Advisor" and typically an ASM or Assistant Scout Master assigned to be the saftey net for the 3 Deep Patrol Leadership

The key for making this work is the up front planning by the SPL and SM. The SPL and SM have to be looking ahead at what is coming up and making sure the scout and adult leaders are given enough time to properly prepare for events. Referencing our Outing Planning, communications and coordinations through the matrix take time, resulting in the four troop meeting process used for Outing Planning.

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