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Mentoring is one of the strongest tool’s in a leader’s toolbox.

How to mentor in 3 easy steps:

1. Ask the other person “What they see or why they are doing something a particular way?” This is your way of seeing through the other person's eyes.

2. Ask them "Can I tell you what I am observing or why I would do something in a particular way?” This is your way of sharing with them what you see.

3. Discuss the differences between each other’s perspective. Understand “why” there is a difference. If you can’t understand one another, ask someone to listen and help you understand. Together agree upon what should be done. If you can’t agree, ask someone to help facilitate or create agreement.

By following these steps you will find, that in most cases for step 2, there is no clear cut (black/white) right or wrong answer, you are both correct. In step 3, you are coming to an agreement for what to do or best accomplish the goal.

Attached is a mentoring handout provided by TYIIR Institute, LLC for what is and how to mentor. The term "Transformation Leader" applies to the person who is leading by mentoring.

Evolving your BLT culture:

Mentoring is the primary behavior for growing your Troop's BLT culture for scouts and adults. It needs to become your Troop's style. As SM, I would ask everyone, adults and scouts to think and act through mentoring.

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