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The new scout process is a year long effort broken down into three phases. The overall goal is to partner with the packs, support their weblos program, facilitate arrow of light cross over into boy scouts and transition the new scouts into the BLT culture

Phase I - Aug to Jan - Den Chiefs to engage with the packs, introduce them to camping and prepare Weblos for Crossover. When packs visit the troop, parents are given a packet and info about the Troop. The end of Phase 1 is when the Weblos crossover into the Troop

Attached is the Phase I Operational Plan for your use.

Phase II - Jan to Mar - Troop Guides accept the new scouts at cross over. The new scout patrols are formed and the goal is to earn their Scout rank by March COH

Attached is the Phase II Operational Plan for your use.

Phase III - Mar to June - The primary tasks are getting the Scout to earn the Tenderfoot Rank, learn core outing skills and have them sign up for Summer Camp with the Troop.

Attached is the Phase III Operational Plan for your use.

Lessons Learned:

  • The transition from pack culture to a BLT culture is a big change for both the new scouts and their parents
  • The new scout patrols can be considered a program all by itself. You want to have an experienced senior scout and adult advisor leading this effort
  • By following this process and transitioning our new scouts, our troop’s advancement program is significantly improved and is producing a much higher percentage of Eagle Scouts than other troops
  • Having a supportive partnership with the pack(s) provides the opportunity for a consistent influx of new scouts and adults that provides future leadership to sustain BLT and the troop’s program
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