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For the SPL, this is their most important tool for understanding and creating a vision for what needs to be accomplished in the upcoming weeks.

The PLC meeting is ran by the SPL. This is the scout leadership’s opportunity to define what they want for their program. The objective for the SPL is to breakdown by week, what has to be accomplished.

The result of the PLC meeting should be a draft troop meeting plan for the next four to five Troop Meetings. This draft troop meeting plan is what the SPL will use during the Troop Meeting Planning process. For each week or troop meeting, the PLC defines what is the subject or topic for the troop meeting and what they would like to have for an event and a skills game to learn the topic. The PLC discusses upcoming events and what “PLANNING” needs to occur during their patrol corners to be prepared for the upcoming events.

The PLC meeting provides a GREAT opportunity to discuss what is working, what is not working and share their best practices with one another. The SPL can go around the table and ask each person to share a rose or a thorn, meaning a positive thing and an area of improvement.

For our PLC meetings, we require that each patrol is represented by at least one of the 3 Deep Patrol Leadership. However, we encourage and solicit the entire PLC to attend.

From the SM’s perspective, the PLC meeting should result in very similar weekly topics and planning that was accomplished at the Half Year Planning Meetings. As SM, the SPL and I would compare the notes from the Half Year Planning Meetings to the PLC Meeting. This exercise ensures that the SM and SPL were on the same page and thinking, planning and mentoring from the same expectations.

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