Phase 2 - Step by Step Implemention of BLT

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With support from the sponsoring organization, district and council in place, it is now time to start phase 2, where you will formally or officially introduce the BLT initiative and make public your plans for evolving the troop's culture.

To help you, here is a link to the "BLT Implementation" presentation which outlines 12 steps for you and your team to execute to implement or start up BLT. Remember the informal or casual conversations from phase 1? To jumpstart phase 2, you can use the feedback and provide an initial draft of a BLT definition; what is and what behaviors define BLT. By providing a draft definition, this will help you define the scope of the project or provide some grounding for people's ideas and imagination.

It is important that you set dates or deadlines for what you ane your team believes it will take to complete the 12 steps. Although you want to allow time for everyone to contribute, communication to occur and people to get on board, realize you need to set clear expectations and a date for when to commence executing or operating by BLT. Understanding we are dealing with culture change, understanding change causes stress, understanding we may have scouts, adults or families that will oppose and may decide this is not for them, you need to manage the schedule so that there is a clearly defined and communicated approach to allow everyone to know what is expected by when, reducing stress or anxiety.

The most critical element to phase 2 is the initial training of the scouts, having the scouts understand they are the leaders and mentoring them, working with them to prepare them for leading. If the SPL and ASPLs are not comfortable being up front leading, have the adult leaders schedule some leadership training. Have a mock troop meeting or series of role playing which would mimic or emulate what the scout would be expected to do for running the Troop Meeting, running the PLC Meeting, running the campout/outing. Review this BLT wiki site and understand "power of the sign", mentoring approach... the tools of a leader. Review the weekly troop meeting planning process. Make no mistake, this is a HUGE investment by the adults up front to set up and support the scouts to be successful. As the adult leaders, think of this as you are delegating or transferring what you do in front of the troop to the Scout leaders so they can replicate what you do. There will may many long hours in the initial weeks and months for the scouts and adults to really understand one another. DO NOT let the thoughts of "I'll do it myself" enter the picture. As the adult, it is your responsibility to ensure that you can mentor and teach the scouts what you do. This will make you a better leader and improve your communication skill set.

An important mindset for phase 2 is that everyone and I mean everyone must be thinking "Be the best FOR the Troop!". Put aside your personal pride, ego, agendas and focus on what do I need to do to be the best for the troop? How can I best support the troop? By grounding and disciplining your thinking in this manner, non-desired behaviors will go away and the desired behaviors will become the norm or the standard by which the Troop operates.

For you to be successful, scouts and adult leaders will need to have clear expectations for what and how BLT pertains to them. An excellent tool to help you set expectations is provided by Mr. Perry. Below are the two expectation handouts which Mr. Perry is using to set expectations for his scout and adult leaders. Please modify this as needed to fit your needs. As you can see from these examples, Mr. Perry's sponsoring organization is taking a very active role in working with Mr. Perry for the type of program they will be sponsoring. Some of the characteristics in these handouts may be different than your program's characteristics. That is ok. The objective is to set clear objectives.

Presentation - 12 Step Plan - As stated above, enclosed is a presentation to present to everyone involved for what and how to implement the BLT initiative. Understanding every implementation will be different or have its own characteristics, please modify as you see fit to meet your needs.

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