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On March 19, 2008 at Camp Carpenter, a presentation was held for Massabessic district, NH to introduce Troops to the BLT (Boy Led Troop) model. Below is the outline of this presentation and links to the video clips for each segment:

  • Segment 1 (30 mins) - SPL and Adult Trainer introduce the matrix model and their experiences with running the troop for a year. We'll go over the year's program, breaking the year down into segments and talk about how the SPL used the system to grow leadership, communications, ethical decision making and team work.
  • Segment 2 (20 mins) - SPL Father/Committee member and Second Committee member introduce the values taught by the program, discuss their experiences with observing how their son's as SPL and the Scout leadership grew over the year. Highlight from both the committee and parent perspective about the Scout's and Troop's growing pains.
  • Segment 3 (15 mins) - Scoutmaster introduce the leadership as a leadership system, the thinking and methods behind the system. Explain leadership nucleolus, role based vs superheroes, committee's responsibility and how this serves a higher purpose, the future of scouting. Associate the leadership system's values to why parent's would encourage their scouts to earn Eagle and play an active role in the troop.
  • Segment 4 (15 mins) - District Representative provide perspective for what this system represents to the future of scouting and why the members of the audience should think about using this system. Discuss some of the future challenges facing some of these troops and provide insight into how this can help them.
  • Q&A Period - All members went in front to answer questions. The tape ran out at the start of this session.

Video Clips:

Each clip averages 10 mins of viewing. To view the video clips 'right click' on the link and select 'save as', saving the clip to your computer so you can view using your default video viewer. This process takes about 15 mins per clip using a cable modem with a transfer rate of 500KB/Sec. Actual times can vary depending upon your bandwidth connectivity, download speeds.

  • Clip 1 - 483meg video file First minute, video has stripes but it cleans up. First 5 minutes, introductions and going around the room. Remaining 5 mins is Segment 1, SPL presenting
  • Clip 2 - 510meg video file Segment 1 continued by SPL
  • Clip 3 - 487meg video file Segment 1 continued (First 5 mins SPL, Second 5 mins Adult Trainer)
  • Clip 4 - 446meg video file Segment 1 completed, Segment 2 started (First 2 mins Adult Trainer completing Segment 1. Remaining 7 mins are SPL Father/Committee member starting Segment 2)
  • Clip 5 - 457meg video file Segment 2 continued (First 2 mins SPL Father/Committee member, remaining 7 mins second Committee member)
  • Clip 6 - 446meg video file Segment 2 completed, Segment 3 started (First 6 mins second Committee member finishing segment 2, remaining 3 minutes are Scoutmaster starting segment 3)
  • Clip 7 - 477meg video file Segment 3 continued by Scoutmaster
  • Clip 8 - 490meg video file Segment 3 continued by Scoutmaster
  • Clip 9 - 491meg video file Segment 3 completed, Segment 4 started (First 5 mins Scoutmaster finished segment 3, remaining 5 minutes are District Representative starting segment 4)
  • Clip 10 - 380meg video file Segment 4 completed, Start of Q&A (First 4 mins District Representative completed Segment 4. Remaining 6 mins are the start of Q&A. Tape stopped after the first few questions)
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