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Attached is a copy of the Outing Plan for you to use

The QM Process is included in the Outing Planning as the actions of the Troop and Patrol QMs. Below is a listing of the Troop and Patrol QM's responsibility.

2 Troop meetings prior

  • Troop QMs - ensure patrol equipment sign out sheets and tent inspection forms are ready

Troop Meeting prior

  • PQMs – Check out gear from TQM
  • Troop QM - Gear Distribution to Patrol QMs. Put a copy of the master distribution list in Campout Binder


  • Before Scouts Depart on last day - Troop & Patrol QMs - Review with Scouts who brought what gear and ensure we have everything be brought, ensure all gear is going home with the Scouts who brought it and will be responsible for cleaning and drying equipment.

Troop Meeting After Campout

  • Patrol QMs check in gear with Troop QMs
  • Troop QM – Ensure gear is returned in a clean, dry, safe and working condition, ready to go for the future
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