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You may be wondering; "Why are we talking about "Rank Advancement" as a concept?"

The reason is that a BLT Troop's ability to sustain BLT is based on the scout taking on progressive leadership responsibilities. Rank Advancement is the scout taking on progressive leadership responsibilities. As the scout advances in rank, they are growing their communication, leadership, ethical decision making and team forming skills. Understand that a scout owning his "Rank Advancement" is the scout taking ownership for growing their own skills and perpetuating the ability of the scouts/boys to lead the troop's operations.

The foundation or baseline for growth is the scout's rank advancement. To help illustrate this, below is a diagram that we use to model the growth of our scouts; the alignment of a scouts time in the troop, age, rank advancement and leadership role.

Here is a link to a PDF file for you to download Scout Time Line.

Who is responsible for advancement? The Scout. Scouts are responsible for their own advancement.

The Scout taking ownership of his own advancement is important and a critical part of the scout's growth. It is important for the scout to understand and execute his responsibilities. A scout taking ownership of his advancement develops the critical thinking, decision making and reasoning skills which are needed as part of growing and developing their leadership skills. This is important to the Troop to ensure quality leaders to sustain BLT.

Understanding this may be an evolution or change for cub scouts and their families crossing over to boy scouts and the troop, review this concept and help the scouts take ownership of their advancement responsibilities by training them on the advancement processes and who to go to for support like the advancement chair and merit badge counselors.

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