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The SPL is the leader for the troop. They are in front and leading the troop’s operations. The key for the SPL’s success is to be able to plan ahead and delegate to his team. This will require the SM and SPL to be of similar mindset and understanding for what has to be done when.

The SM is looking ahead three months, providing the SPL a heads up for what is coming at them. The SPL looks a month ahead and brings what needs to be done to the PLC. At the PLC meeting, the SPL works with the PLC to determine what how they will use the Troop Meetings to accomplish their objectives. The result of the PLC Meetings should be an outline of the troop meeting plan.

The Senior Patrol are the direct reports to the SPL. He needs to have the Senior Patrol trained and able to fill in for him at a moments notice. For outings and meetings, the SPL will rely on them to execute the plan. The SPL needs to maintain the big picture and not become hands on. The SPL needs to be able to keep his leadership team on schedule according to plan. If events occur, he has to be able to work with his team to come up with an alternate plan and then redirect his team’s efforts.

The SPL has a very valuable resource in the JASMs. The JASMs provide hands on Mentoring and training to the troop. The JASMs have stated their main enjoyment comes from working with the new scouts and new scout leadership to make the troop better than how they found it. We have found that the JASMs provide a valuable resource in running training sessions during the troop meetings.

Like the SM, the SPL is constantly under scrutiny. His actions speak louder than words. The SPL has to remember that every moment someone is watching and taking lead from his example.

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