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Once the SPL has been seleted/elected, he is asked which two senior scouts does he want to be part of his leadership team. Like the SPL, these scouts need to be senior leaders with developed skills in leadership, communications, ethical decision making and team forming.

We have found the scouts that want to be in the senior patrol want to be future SPL’s or take on an active role in leading the operations of the troop. The ASPLS (Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders) have to be trained and ready to fill in for the SPL at a moment's notice. We have found that the senior patrol actually takes turns at being SPL during different times of the year.

We have found that having the Troop Quartermaster as a member of the senior patrol greatly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the QM Process.

As SM, the objective is to create a strong leadership team which is role based. This means that the scouts can fit into the SPL, ASPL or Troop QM role and the troop’s operations do not miss a beat.

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