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What Is The Significance Of BLT?

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) program offer’s our young men the strongest program for developing core leadership values in our Nation. In a truly Boy Led Troop (BLT), our youth are provided a +6 year program in hands on leadership, communications, ethical decision making and team work learning opportunity which is unmatched by any other youth program today. It teaches "principle over tactics, character over personality and service over recognition" (Haines 2008).

BSA’s Future for the 21st Century – As the demographics of our nation’s family is changing. There is much more competition for youth’s time and attention to get ahead in life. BSA can provide a value to the Scouts and their families. Simply, no other program provides a +6 year program in hands on leadership, communications, ethical decision making and team work. We accomplish these skills by learning and teaching core scouting skills such as first aide, knot tying, citizenship and the Patrol Method.

Deterrent for Club Mentality – One challenge facing district and council’s today are Troops that have evolved into adult led clubs or have a club mentality. The BLT focuses the Troop’s Program on supporting the Scouts. Another way to think of this is the Scout is the customer and the Troop is in business to support the Scout. In BLT, the Scouts make the decisions and vary the program to meet their expectations. By operating this way, the Troop’s program will have a greater variety of events requiring different support from the adults. This constant change from year to year will keep the club mentality from taking over the Troop’s operations.

Nation's Future - The world today is rapidly changing. The US as a nation has to compete, on a global basis, with countries all over the world. According to a NPR (National Public Radio) news segment in 2008, the top 10% of China’s college students are equal in number to the total US college student population. How does the US intend to be competative in the future? At the same time, our economy is changing from an industrial base to an information based economy. This means that our Scouts, you who are reading this will need to know how to survive and compete where businesses is based on the ability to communicate and work as a team, making decions based on information. The same skills you learn and use in leading the Troop are the same skills you will use to lead in your professional career.

Example, in a PLC Meeting the Patrol Leaders decide they want to build water balloon launchers on a campout at Camp Carpenter. The Scout’s ability to handle the information for building, coordinating tools and materials, scheduling of the campout events and then actually making this happen at Camp Carpenter is the same core skill set used by an engineer on a business project who is trying to build a high technology solution for a customer in the state of Michigan.

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