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Small Troop is defined as 40 Scouts or less.

In 1981, several senior scouts of Troop 703 in Midland, Michigan decided that they wanted to lead and run the troop. These scouts approached the rest of the troop and adult leaders, provided a plan and gained buy-in for how they believed they could run the Troop. They planned a series of outings throughout the year and used the troop meetings to train the patrols in the skills needed to successfully execute the outings. This included skills such as hiking, canoeing, winter camping, wilderness survival and cycling. For several years, this group of senior scouts ran the Troop.

During this time, the troop experienced constant growth and gained more momentum and support from the community. The scouts were written up in the high-school newspaper for their cycling adventures.

The organizational model followed the pyramid or Top Down Org Structure shown in your scout handbook. There were PLC Meetings where the senior patrol would gather the ideas from the scouts and decide what they were going to do two to three months out.

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