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In our JLT (Junior Leadership Training) we are teaching the Patrol Leader or the Scout Leader leading the patrol corner to take a 3x5 card and list their "top 3" meeting objectives. What the patrol needs to accomplish at that troop meeting.

During Monday night’s phone call to the Patrol Adult Advisors, the objective is to have the Patrol Leader create this index card.

During patrol corner at the troop meeting, the Patrol Leader gathers the patrol around a table or in a circle, pulls this card out of their shirt pocket, places it in the center of the table or holds it out for others to see and and reads the "top 3" objectives to their patrol. When an objective is completed, the Patrol Leader checks off the objective to symbolize completion. The Patrol then executes to accomplish these top 3.

We have found that if the patrol leader takes the 3x5 card out of their pocket, places it on the table and then checks off each objective as the patrol completets the objective, the 3x5 card acts as a focusing or control tool for the patrol leader. The 3x5 card is tremendously effective at focusing or keeping the scouts focused. The scouts want to do a good job by seeing three checks on the 3x5 card. Over time, this becomes routine team work for the patrol and they look forward to the top 3, executing and checking off the objectives.

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