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Troop Meetings are the foundation that provides the scouts the opportunity to plan ahead and be able to lead the troop’s operations. Early on, our scouts learned that for them to lead the troop in successfully planning and executing an outing, the scout leadership needs four troop meetings. The details of this process can be found by reading the Outing Planning.

Attached is a sample copy of our Troop Meeting Plan in PDF format and also MS Word format

We meet Thursday from 6:30 to 8pm. Our SPL is the leader who calls the troop to attention, facilitates the opening and goes over what the objectives are for the meeting.

The scouts are sent to patrol corners where the Patrol Leadership works with the patrol to plan for the next event, train on skills, go over advancement or accomplish what is needed of them during the meeting. The SPL and senior scouts visit the patrols and ensure the patrols are executing as expected.

To lead the patrol corners, the Patrol Adult Advisors and senior scouts work with the 3 Deep Patrol Leadership and teach them how to use the Top 3 tool and patrol method.

Our lesson learned has been that the scout's number one fun item was the troop activity.

Therefore, we plan our Troop Meetings with a skills training followed by a skills challenge or game to reinforce the skills training. We have found that the Troop Program Features Volume I, II, III and Troop Program Resources (formerly the Woods Wisdom binder) provide many ideas, information and plans for how to plan and execute your troop meetings leading up to an outing event.

The Troop Meeting is closed by the SPL. We have announcements, Scout Master minute and benediction.

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