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The Troop Operations Map is an attempt to visualize the entire troop’s yearly operations. The objective was to create a single view so you can better organize your people, process and tools so the troop runs smoothly. The pink shaded items are the paperwork or files associated with that part of the troop’s operations. This is an actual link to that file. At the end of the year, you have captured, stored and have easy access to the entire year's operational files.

Attached is a copy of a Troop Operations Map in PDF format.

As you will note, all documents, information and materials associated to any outing, event or part of the Troop's operations are centrally organizid and stored on this map. If there was any question about an event or what the troop did the last time it attended or conducted a certain operation in the past, all you have to do is go to the Operations Map and click on the link.

Understand that the version of this Troop Operations Map you are viewing underwent two years of evolution. When we first mapped out our Troop Operations and actually put everything down on one piece of paper in one view, it was very easy to see where the gaps were and how we could organize our people, process and tools and improve how the Troop Operated. Many people were shocked at the initial site of the Troop's operations simply due to the size and magnitude of what it takes to run and operate a troop.

As SM, the Operations Map provided me the tool I needed for everyone to see in one big picture view, what it took to run the troop and improve operations. When the first version of the Troop Operations Map was created, I printed it out on a 6' x 3' paper and placed it on a table. At the end of the troop meeting I asked the scouts, parents and adult leaders to draw their ideas, thinking and solutions on the map. For the following two weeks, there was a flurry of brainstorming and energy on improving the troop. What was really interesting was that many of the ideas and thinking came from parents or scouts who were quiet and in the background, those who had wanted things to improve but did not feel like that had an opportunity to provide their idea until this approach was used.

The software used to accomplish this was Mindjet’s Mind Manager software at There is a similar freeware product called "FreeMind." If you google FreeMind you can find a free version to download and use.

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