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Here is a BLT Ops Model PDF file for you to download this diagram.

What Is BLT (Boy Let Troop)?

BLT (Boy Led Troop) is a way of leading the Troop.

Culture, environment, attitude… BLT is the troop environment where the Scouts/Boys are the leaders providing the leadership and adults play pure advisor, safety net and logistics roles in the background.

BLT is also a “role based leadership system.” So what does that mean?

“Role based” meaning everyone is replaceable. Try to have 3 trained Scouts and 2 adults to cover any role within the troop. One example is the 3 Deep Patrol Leadership. Another way of saying this is that there are no superheroes where no one is considered superman to save the day, everyone is equal.

"Leadership" meaning, the Troop’s program teaches Scouts the core skills of leadership, communication, ethical decision making and team work. We accomplish these skills by learning and teaching core scouting skills such as first aide, knot tying, citizenship and the Patrol Method.

“Leadership system" meaning that the planning meetings, PLC meetings, Campouts, Troop Meetings are constantly being reviewed and discussed by Scouts and adults so that everyone is “thinking” and reinforcing the same vision, objectives or goals. The Troop’s program is designed so that the Scouts use the same thinking, approach and methods over and over again until it becomes instinct or routine.

System also means that the leadership training is a systematic process over the six year growth cycle where maturity, leadership skills, advancement and responsibility are aligned. The scout and adult leadership is based on selecting/electing those who have achieved the required skills to satisfactorily perform and support BLT needs.

Our experience was that once the scouts were aligned, our leadership system produced just enough scouts to fill the leadership positions. Elections were rarely used because we did not have more than one scout competing or wanting of a leadership position. Example, looking at the Matrix Org Structure of our large troop of +70 scouts, the patrols requires 18 scout leaders to lead 6 patrols.

Our lesson learned was that once you align the scouts maturity and leadership skills to the appropriate leadership roles, there an equal amount of qualified scout leaders as there are positions.

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